I have seen Mona more times than I can count.  She is unlike any other massage therapist that I have seen.  She has an understanding of muscles and the body systems and can figure out the exact help that I need each time I see her and it can be different each time.  She is especially helpful at eliminating pain and is also just an all-around great person.



Mona offers the best massage I have ever received, and she is an exceptional person – a healer through and through. She applies her extensive knowledge of movement and anatomy to manipulate your body back to the correct form. She mixes disciplines, maximizing blood flow to problem areas while separating everything that gets fused under your skin. This is no surface-level experience, and I generally can’t fall asleep, but I always leave feeling restored and aligned for an extended period. Even more so if I do my Mona-prescribed exercises…

Thanks for all you do for me! -- Zane


Mona's knowledge of the human body is beyond anything I've ever experienced. She knows how to support the body to release pain and feel stronger and healthier. I am blown away every time. I highly recommend her body work!  -- Shana


Mona is not simply a masseuse, she is a healer. She will take the time needed to evaluate your body, work on releasing tensions and regaining movement throughout, and recommend stretching or workouts that will fix the problem for good. It’s rare to find someone that truly cares about healing your body. She’s also very kind, funny, and an overall amazing person. Highly recommend! -- Ben


Mona has extraordinary capacities as a massage therapist. She listens hard to understand your goals for therapy (and inform them). 

She has that innate capacity to search out, locate and get to work on your problem areas without much fuss or woo-woo getting there. 

But what I love most about Mona is simply this: she KEEPS getting better, the learning never stops. I'm grateful to have Mona in my life as a therapist, a partner in Jiu Jitsu and a friend. And I know you will be too. --- Will N.


Mona is by far the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  When I have referred friends to her, I always say, "she is magic."  Her knowledge of the body coupled with her caring personality will make you feel like you are walking out with an entirely different body and feeling just a little bit lighter.  I appreciate how Mona is always learning new techniques and always eager to learn, allowing her to serve her clients as best she can.  I could never imagine seeing anyone else for bodywork.  -- Laurie Fish