Helpful Infomation

Dear Clients,

Each session is tailored to your specific needs, and my work is influenced by what you say during a verbal intake beforehand, as well as what your body is telling me off and on the massage table.  I lean on my in-depth knowledge of anatomy, systems of the body, a variety of techniques, and intuition, to best meet your needs. No session is the same.  After your session, I am happy to discuss how you can best support the massage, keeping your body and mind living and moving optimally. 

I provide a comfortable atmosphere that is professional, but laid-back, allowing the client to set the boundaries of silence or conversation. I do not play music, but am happy to if requested. There is a bathroom available, but I do not have handicap access at this time. 

I do not require clients to wear a mask, but I am more than willing to comply if it would make you feel more comfortable.

My passion is to help people move more freely within their body, reduce pain, and increase joy. The addition of life coach and mind-body practitioner, has only added a more holistic approach to how I can help you live at peace within your mind and body, as well as see lasting change as you move forward, reaching goals and loving yourself. 

I appreciate you and look forward to seeing you,

Mona Matthews

Thank you!