Mona Matthews

I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2012 and started my business in 2013. I graduated with electives in Structural Integration and Tuina, drawing from both the Eastern and Western approach to healing the body. I work using a variety of techniques, as we learn what works best for your body and how it holds tension. Most sessions are somewhat interactive and movement oriented, working therapeutically with the client to achieve greater range of motion and decrease in pain and tension.

I treat as holistically as possible, having received continued education from a variety of programs. I have my sports training certification from ADAPT Training, as well as Functional Range Conditioning through Dr. Andreo Spina, and Functional Movement Patterns with Dr. Gary Gray, which helps me give you applicable stretches and activation to solidify our time together and help keep you moving. I also attended Dr. Andreo Spina's upper and lower body Functional Range body work courses, which allows me to assess and target specific muscle fibers, layer through healthy muscle tissue, and work more efficiently during our session.

I also had the opportunity to take a Visceral Massage class with the Barral Institute, and although I have not perfected my massage techniques for the organs, I know they affect the rest of the body if they are not functioning well. My latest course work is similar. I have just finished taking a Holistic Life Coach and Mind- Body Practitioner course and understand more clearly how the body, mind and emotions are more intricately connected. Many of our emotions are stored some where in the body and organs. So in my endeavor to treat on a holistic level, I acknowledge the power of the mind, its connection to the body, emotional holding patterns, and the desire for some level of balance between them all, so we can all live and move optimally.

Body work is my passion. I understand pain and discomfort and the frustration of injury. I was in my fourth season as a wild-land fire fighter when I decided I wanted to become a massage therapist. After massage school, I found a studio in the back of a Crossfit, Jiu Jitsu, and boxing gym. I joined all of the classes, but ended up doing Crossfit for six years and am a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu, after 5 years of grappling. I love the science of body work and the brain, tied to the intricacies of our spirit, soul and mind. We are all a constant shifting puzzle to understand and accept through life. It is a messy, confusing, enlightening, embarrassing, humorous, unexpected, difficult, easy thing, all rolled into one journey. I am honored to help you in any way I can, but especially though high quality body work, life coaching to reach specific goals, and mind-body work to find the exact location of the stuck point, always moving forward.